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The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a procedure to allow pet cats and dogs entry to the UK without quarantine, or people in the UK who have taken their pets outside the UK can bring pets back without quarantine.

Please note that the scheme only applies to certain countries using certain routes of travel and all animals must meet the very strict rules of the scheme which can take over 7 months to complete.

Please note that this page gives only a short summary of some of the rules. For a complete set of up-to-date rules please visit the DERFA web-site using the following link: click here for the DEFRA web site.


The procedure

To bring your animal into the UK under PETS from one of the qualifying countries you must carry out the following procedures in the order shown:

  • Have your pet microchipped - with a Europe ISO Standard microchip
  • Have your pet vaccinated - against rabies this cannot be administered until your pet is 3 months of age. You will need boosters to the vaccine annually - note if you miss your booster date by even one day your pet will need to be blood tested again
  • Arrange a blood test - around 30 days after the initial vaccination to check for protection against rabies. If your animal fails the blood test it will need to be re-vaccinated and blood tested.
  • Get a PETS certificate - note a certificate will not become valid for entry to the UK until six months have passed from the date that your vet took the blood sample
  • Treatment against ticks and tapeworm - between 24 - 48 hours before it is checked in for the journey to the UK (i.e. while you are in the foreign country - unless you are going abroad on a day trip). Any qualified vet can carry out the treatment and give you a official certificate of treatment
  • Sign a declaration of residency - you will have to sign a declaration (PETS 3) stating that your animal has not been outside any of the PETS qualifying countries in the previous six months
  • Certain PETS countries have additional regulations - see the DEFRA web-site

WARNING: Any pet which does not meet the requirements of the scheme will be returned to the country of origin or placed in quarantine.

We can carry out the PETS procedures. Please contact us or drop in for details, but remember that your certificate to re-enter the UK will not become valid for at least 7 months following the initial vaccination - so plan well in advance.

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